Confirmed Speakers: Blanca Eekhout • Philippe Noudjenome • Brian Becker • Houcine Rhili

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We are proud to announce speakers for our International Dilemmas of Humanity Conference, taking place from October 14 to 18, 2023, in Johannesburg, South Africa. We will broadcast the main panels and you can follow all the activities online via International Peoples’ Assembly (IPA) channels on social media. Sign up for updates!

Blanca Eekhout - Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela - PSUV (Venezuela)

Blanca Eekhout

Blanca Eekhout is a Venezuelan Deputy and President of the Commission for the Development of Communes of the National Assembly. She is also a member of the National Directorate of the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela), the largest party in Venezuela.

She also served as the Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Minister of Communication and Information, and Minister of Communes. She held the position as Second Vice President of the National Assembly during the 2011-2015 legislative period. She has also been the President of VTV and ViVe and is the Cofounder of Catia TVe in 2001. 

Philippe Noudjenome - Communist Party of Benin (Benin)

Philippe Noudjenome

Philippe Noudjenome is the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Benin, President of the Alliance Pour la Patrie (APP) and President of the West Africa Peoples’ Organization (WAPO). WAPO is an anti-imperialist platform of progressive people’s organizations that promotes regional unity across West Africa. It was formed in Ghana in December 2022. 

He is also a Professor of Public Law and Constitutionalist, and author of books as “La démocratie au Bénin: Bilan et perspectives” and “Les frontières maritimes du Bénin”.

Brian Becker - Party for Socialism and Liberation - PSL (United States)

Brian Becker

Brian Becker, Central Committee member of Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL); Executive Director of the antiwar ANSWER Coalition; 1804 Books Editorial Board; author of “Imperialism in the 21st Century, Socialists and War,” and most recently “The Supreme Court versus Democracy.”

He is the host of The Socialist Program at the BreakThrough News.

Houcine Rhili - Nomade Association (Tunisia)

Houcine Rhili

Houcine Rhili is an expert in Development and Resource Management. He is a member of the Nomade Association. Following the "2008 Gafsa Mining Basin Revolt", marginalized young people suffering from inequality and injustice decided to create the Nomade Association, in November 2012. 

Nomade Association works to promote social, economic, cultural and environmental rights through the formulation of alternative and free technological solutions.