Synthesis of Regional Conferences: diagnosis, challenges and unity

regional synthesis

Between July and September of 2023, approximately 800 people from 260 organizations and 51 countries participated in regional Dilemmas of Humanity conferences, as well as other types of activities, to debate the central questions of Dilemmas of Humanity. Each of these activities sought to bring together a plurality of left forces in each region to discuss how to overcome the many crises resulting from the continuation of capitalism and explore pathways toward building Socialism. 

The conferences were held in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and the Arab-Maghreb Region. The conference in Asia had to be postponed, and some events took place in Europe. As part of this collective process of discussion and elaboration, each of the regional conferences, through its methodology team, produced a final synthesis. The compilation of these documents form this document Synthesis of the Regional Conferences.

The first point of the document is an analysis about our world in crisis, with elements related to the aggressions and consequences of imperialism, capitalism and colonialism, such as inequalities, hunger, poverty, migration, unemployment, various forms of violence, among others. The expressions of military, extreme right-wing, and religious forces were also addressed.

The struggles to overcome capitalism are the second point presented in the synthesis document. In this sense, in all the regions, the participants debated around the following ideas: organization of the working class, struggles for material and social goods, and the battle of ideas.

The third point presented in the document is the key points of political unity which can serve as a road map to continue with an agenda to build socialism today. This section organizes the elements presented above and points out the organizational challenges of the left and also the political priorities, such as the construction of a project of national sovereignty, self-determination of the peoples, and international solidarity.

Read the complete Synthesis of Regional Conferences in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.